The Suddenness of a Car Accident

To be in a car accident is to face our own mortality. No matter how small of an accident that it might seem it appears in our lives with a suddenness that makes us think of how death must arrive on the scene. It’s a complete interruption of our reality. Each moment is a fluid temporal experience which passes through seamlessly on most days. The squealing shrieks of brakes fruitlessly holding back the killing force of two thousand pounds of steel accompanies the crumpling of metal against metal. No wonder a car accident attorney is able to make so much and why they are in such high demand; car accidents such as these happen every single day and can leave those involved in something like a fog. It’s both a physical and a mental trauma that desperately needs to be addressed. Supposedly this is what we pay our car insurance companies for. By law, we’re obligated to carry insurance in order to cover any damage of the vehicles and people involved.

However, it doesn’t always occur like this. Sometimes an insurance company is going to want to investigate if they feel that they’re being fed lies even when an insurance claim is accompanied by a police report. They send forth their adjusters to look at both the vehicle and the human involved in order to satisfy some probabilistic numbers that they’ve created in order to gauge value. It’s these long and drawn our affairs that make an attorney so very useful to have on your side. With the pressure and full force of the law being impressed upon the insurance company they will be more quick to fulfill their part of the contract; the contract in which both you and they sign whenever you agree to pay them for their services!