My Ice Maker Stopped Working

I bought a new fridge nearly two years ago. The salesperson asked me if I wanted to buy an extended warranty with it. I have never had problems with anything like this, so I declined, figuring I would save myself several hundred dollars. Naturally, with the luck I have had recently, my ice maker stopped working just a couple of months after the one year warranty had expired. I could not fix it on my own, so I went online and did a search for Sacramento HVAC services. I knew that I was going to have to pay someone to come out and fix it, but I have never had to hire a repairman to come out either.

I took my time looking at the different HVAC companies in the area. There were several that were close to me, but there was just one that I finally liked more than any of the others. The site made me feel really comfortable with hiring them for a few different reasons. The main reason was because of the feeling of honesty that I got from the company, especially when it comes to the price that they charge.

Many of the companies had a flat fee, then an hourly fee added to it. What I liked about this company is that they only charge by the quarter hour. That means if it takes them 10 minutes to fix my ice maker, I am only paying for a quarter hour rather than the entire hour. They were able to send a repairman out the next morning, and it did not take him long to fix my ice maker. He even had the part that he needed right in his truck. I was prepared to not have the luxury of an ice maker if it was too expensive to have fixed, but I didn’t have to worry about that at all because of their low prices.