Definition of Sociology

Sociology by Auguste Comte term derived from the Greek (Latin). Sociology derived from the word Socius which means friend or neighbor and logos meaning story. So according to the sociological sense of the word meaning a story about a friend or friends (community).

As a science, sociology is a social science that is composed of the results of scientific thinking critically and can be controlled by others. Here are some definitions of sociology.

a. Roucek and Warren Sociology is the study of human relationships in groups.

b. Pitirim A. Sorokin, sociology is the study of:
– The relationship and mutual influence between the various kinds of social phenomena (eg symptoms of economic, religious symptoms, symptoms of family and moral symptoms).
– The relationship and mutual influence between social phenomena with nonsocial symptoms (symptoms geographic, biological).

c. William F. Ogburn and F. Mayer Nimkoff Sociology is the scientific study of the social interaction and the results, the social organization.

d. J. A. A. Von Dorn and C. J. Lammers Sociology is the science of structures and processes that are stable society.

e. Max Weber’s Sociology is the science that seeks to understand the social tindakantindakan.

f. Selo Soemardjan and Soelaeman Soemardi sociology Sociology is the study of social structure and social processes including social change.

g. Hassan Shadily Sociology is the study of living together in society, investigating ties between people who control life by trying to understand the nature and purpose of living together, living together, and how the formation changes, living trusts, trust, and confidence.

h. Paul B. Horton Sociology is the science that focuses on the study of group life and group life products.

i. Soerjono Soekanto Sociology is a science that focuses on the social aspects of a general nature and trying to get the general patterns of community life.

From some of the descriptions above, the experts concluded that sociology is a science that studies the relationship system in the community, and trying to find common notions, rational empirical, is general and can be controlled critically by others who want to know.

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