Criminal Characteristics and Criminal Law – Is Anti-Social Behavior Proof Enough For a Jury?

Prosecutors spend a whole lot of time trying to convince the jury that the character and profile of the defendant fits the psychological personality traits of a criminal. And yet, in reality we could probably smear anyone’s good name by picking and choosing which characteristics we chose to highlight. Take the time tested psychological aspect of “anti-social” behavior for instance?

Today, you could call anyone that would prefer to play video games, use social media, or post on their blog instead of going outside to play Frisbee with the neighbor kids; Anti-Social. And really when it comes to teenagers these days, well, that’s just about everyone. The small minority of other kids would be studying their butts off due to their parents making it so; for instance in the case of an Asian Family, which are generally very into educational aspects of their kids. Does this appearance of anti-social behavior make anyone a bad person; obviously not.

Just because someone has antisocial behavior now and again does not mean that they are criminal, and yet, this psychological profile is used by all the prosecutors to put people in jail or prison for crimes. In a way what we are doing is we are telling everybody that they must be social at all times otherwise they will be feared by society, they will stand out, and they might be tried for a crime they did not commit.

Many people have antisocial behavior from time to time. Sometimes people just like to get out, and be alone. There is actually nothing wrong with that and it is quite healthy behavior. Please consider all this, it is something that criminal lawyers, and criminal psychologists often overlook.