Accident Bills So High They Would Make a Multi-Millionaire Cringe

I was at my neighbor’s house when him and his wife were waiting for their daughter to get home from school. She was running late, and they could not reach her on her cell phone. They did not text in case she was driving. She did not come home that day. It would be three months before she came back home. She was injured in a car accident on the way home. She was hit by an intoxicated driver. They did not think she was going to make it. They had to call a Sacramento car accident attorney to help get compensation to care for their daughter.

The mom had to quit her job to provide care for their daughter at home. The doctors said that she might get back to about 90 percent of her functionality prior to the accident, but that it would take a couple years or more of intense physical and other therapies to get it done. This would be after the series of surgeries to put her back together again. The only way they could even begin to pay for all of this would be to sue the insurance company. The seriousness of the accident and the fact that the driver of the other car was proven to be intoxicated should make it an open and shut case, right? No, it does not. Insurance companies will fight to pay the lowest amount they can.

My neighbors needed a good Sacramento car accident attorney that would fight tooth and nail to get their daughter the compensation she deserved. Mom needed to replace her lost income. She would still be working to pay the family bills if the accident had not happened. Now she was their daughter’s full time nurse at home. I saw some of the bills. They were through the roof! They would make a multi-millionaire cringe! If it was not for the attorney’s help, they would have lost everything.