Trump Administration Threatens Net Neutrality

Tom Wheeler, the previous chairman of the FCC, utilized his last public speaking engagement before leaving office to caution organizations and buyers that their choice of cloud services and business applications could be extremely constrained if the approaching organization strikes down the 2015 open internet arrangement that he and his team set up. This request situated the FCC’s unhindered internet control that keeps Internet Service Providers from abating or blocking activity on their systems. This gives all activity level with circumstance and speed and counteracts arrange bias.

Wheeler additionally demonstrated sympathy toward the Internet of Things, a territory of financial development that is rapidly getting to be distinctly top of brain to numerous organizations and strategy creators in Washington.

“[T]he development of the web of things is another territory that relies on upon the open network of those things,” Wheeler said. “On the off chance that ISPs can choose subjectively which IoT gadget can be associated, or support their own IoT action over their rivals, the splendid eventual fate of IoT diminishes.” Wheeler proceeded, “As everything goes into the cloud, the capacity to get to the cloud free of guardians is basic. In the event that ISPs get the chance to pick which applications and mists work superior to anything others as far as get to, speed and dormancy, they will control the cloud future,”.
Wheeler’s position may not be an unexpected now but rather given his past as a lobbyist for the link and remote area his support of internet fairness may come as a stun.

Bill Wilson, an expert for BBL, Broadband Landing, stated, “Wheeler might underplay the earnestness of the circumstance. Internet fairness is the greatest arrangement that nobody truly gets it. On the off chance that customers and private companies really acknowledged what the web would look like after it was purchased and sold by substantial partnerships that was be stressed. This would be every one of that was being discussed.”

Wheeler has a similar question numerous organizations do, specifically will Trump disassemble an arrangement that is unmistakably working? With republicans straightforwardly contradicted to internet fairness things do appear to be desperate for the approach.

Wheeler’s discourse not just goes about as a notice to the approaching organization additionally unmistakably endeavors to extend the extent of the internet fairness wrangle all in all. Shopper effect of the open web request is quite often the lead in any talk of internet fairness yet here Wheeler’s concentration was on the threat to organizations and their expanding utilization of distributed computing. Interference or the moderating of these administrations is more damaging than a video playing moderate. Organizations may be required to totally change back office administration frameworks. An organization like could have their client base separated between clients that have an ISP that permits their activity and ISP’s that won’t. Circumstances of this sort could be rehashed crosswise over numerous business administrations. On the off chance that AT&T purchases a firm that gives CMS to deals and advertising bunches, it is not unfathomable that they would demonstrate inclination to this firm over others.

Wheeler particularly gets out Verizon and AT&T for the “zero rating” programs that give a few organizations free access by not charging clients for the information they utilize. While this isn’t the dreaded “Fast track” unhindered internet has been attempting to stay away from, it might really be more regrettable.

Wheeler completed his discourse with, “It now tumbles to another arrangement of controllers, to another FCC and to the individuals who advocate before it and the Congress to decide the street that they need to take from here,” Wheeler said. “We are at a fork in that street. One way leads forward and alternate leads back to relitigating arrangements that are certifiably working.”

While the byway similarity fits, it’s really more extraordinary than Wheeler makes it appear. One street leads forward and alternate leads back 10 years and afterward off a precipice into a gap loaded with crocs.

The Suddenness of a Car Accident

To be in a car accident is to face our own mortality. No matter how small of an accident that it might seem it appears in our lives with a suddenness that makes us think of how death must arrive on the scene. It’s a complete interruption of our reality. Each moment is a fluid temporal experience which passes through seamlessly on most days. The squealing shrieks of brakes fruitlessly holding back the killing force of two thousand pounds of steel accompanies the crumpling of metal against metal. No wonder a car accident attorney is able to make so much and why they are in such high demand; car accidents such as these happen every single day and can leave those involved in something like a fog. It’s both a physical and a mental trauma that desperately needs to be addressed. Supposedly this is what we pay our car insurance companies for. Continue reading →

Why Polygamy Should Be Legal

De-Criminalizing Sinful Acts

In Canada, being married to more than one person is illegal. It is in fact, a criminal offence. Section 293 of the Criminal Code prohibits “any form of polygamy [or] entering into a conjugal union with more than one person at the same time.” The maximum penalty is five years in prison.

While I am certainly not an advocate for polygamists, I fail to understand why it is considered a crime. Laws are intended to prevent harm to society at large. So, it is not really the “marriage” that bothers us is it? Isn’t it the multiple relationships that we find abhorrent? If it is the behavior of the polygamist that troubles us – that being that he is not monogamous, then we’d better get busy and make adultry a crime too.

Seriously, a married man (or woman) is within his legal rights to cheat on his or her spouse, with or without said spouse’s knowledge. A man is permitted to have sex with multiple partners, separately or all at one time without legal consequences. He is legally entitled to live “in sin” with as many “partners” as he chooses (assuming they too choose him). Society in general, does not advocate such behavior, but we don’t prosecute partakers. Why then do we make it a crime for a person to “marry” multiple partners? What difference does it really make if the persons involved in the activity have gone through a “ceremony”?

Perhaps the harm to society comes in the sense of the legal rights and benefits of spouses. I may be viewing this in a very simplistic view, but why couldn’t we simply not recognize the multiple spouses? Let them get “married” in their religious ceremony, but when it comes to the “state” you can only claim one spouse. Let’s just get out of the bedrooms of consenting adults. Let’s allow people to choose how they want to live without governement intervention, but let’s protect the real interest of society by recognizing only one legal spouse per person. Isn’t that really simple? Am I missing something?

There are those who will say that polygamous communities, such as Bountiful BC, are not only engaging in polygamy, but they are forcing children to marry older men. In my mind, that is a completely separate issue. Sexual abuse of a child should not be confused with polygamy. A child cannot legally consent to sexual relations with adults – period. There are child protection laws to deal with that situation, and I would support aggressive prosecution of any person, polygamist or not, who sexaully abuses or interferes with any child.

Difficult to prove? Of course it is. As a former child protection social worker, I can tell you that sexual abuse of a child is never easy to prove – even outside of religious cults.

If Bountiful’s leaders, Winston Blackmore and Jim Oler are found guilty and imprisoned, what will the financial cost be to society? Will imprisoning these two men put an end to the practise? I can’t imagine that it will.

So there you have it… just some of the reasons that support the notion of de-criminalizing Polygamy.

Classification of Offences

What are the classes of offense?


What is offense or what do you understand as offense in totality? An offense is defined as an act of breaking a Law, engaging in illegal act or a crime. Offenses are not equal in all proportions.The “weight” of offenses vary. An act or omission which renders the person doing the act or making the emission liable to punishment under this code, or under any Act, or Law, is called an offense (section 2 of the 1990 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria). As there are differences between small lake and an ocean, so are differences in the categories of offenses.

In Roman Catholic Christian denomination, there is what is called venial and mortal sins. These two types of sins do not have the same gravity and neither do they have the same punishment. Venial sins attract fewer punishments and can be easily forgiven. Mortal sins have bigger weight than venial, it attracts more punishments. Mortal sins are forgiven with confession and more penances. This instance is given for more understanding of the topic that will be discussed. In the same approach, the punishments given in the three basic classifications of offenses are not the same. The weight of any offence is dependent on the nature of the punishment the offender receives or will receive. The offense committed by a young man who woke up in a morning, dressed very smart and walked out to steal a plastic cup sold by a retailer is not the same with that of a “professional” who robbed on the highway and paint the road with the blood of the innocent. This comparison is not equal offenses in any way.

In Law, offenses are categorized based on what is contained in it. This is to say that offenses are dependent on the nature. Under section 3 of the Criminal code of Federal Republic of Nigeria, offenses are classified as felonies, misdemeanours, and simple offenses. The classifications in United States of America have them as felonies, misdemeanours and infractions, which is similar to that of Federal Republic of Nigeria. The reason is because both countries were colonized by the Britain. These three classifications of offenses have individual punishments that await the offenders.

More Light on the Three Classifications of Offences

This heading is for proper explanation on the three principal types of offence in the study of Law. These three are explained thus:


What are felonies?

Felonies are offenses which are punishable without proof of previous conviction with death or imprisonment for three years or more (Federal Republic of Nigeria Criminal Code). The punishment that awaits any offender that commits this kind of offense is dependent on the locality and that is why Federal Republic of Nigeria is included in the bracket.

These are offenses which are declared by the Law governing a particular state and are seen as felonies. When any person commits felony, he faces the punishment that awaits him without bargain of any kind. Under Section 4of the part I of the United State of America Criminal Code, felony and the punishment that awaits the offender is written as “Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both” (under the heading entitled ‘Misprision of Felony’). The punishment that is attached to felony is dependent on any specific country of residence. Comparing that of USA with Nigeria, the punishment that awaits offenders in Nigeria is three years, more or death sentence, while that of USA is three years or less. Examples of felonies are murder, rape and armed robbery.

What are misdemeanours?

Misdemeanours are offenses with punishment of not less than 6 months and not more than three years. Code of Criminal Law of Federal Republic of Nigeria defined it as: A misdemeanour is any offence which is declared by law to be a misdemeanour, or is punishable by imprisonment for not less than six months, but less than three years (under section 3 of chapter one of the 1990 Criminal Code Act). The definition of misdemeanour according to the US code has it as “Any person who violates section 1211 of this title shall be guilty of a misdemeanour and shall, upon conviction thereof, be subject to imprisonment for not more than one year, or a fine of not more than $1,000, or both” . This offense is less serious than felony. An offense that is seen as misdemeanour in Nigeria may not be seen as same in Ghana. The offence that is categorized as misdemeanours is dependent on the angle of perception and nationality.
Simple Offenses

What are Simple offenses?

As the name sounds, simple offenses are those minor crimes which are punishable by imprisonment for less than six months. According to the Criminal Code Act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, simple offense is defined as all offenses, other than felonies and misdemeanours, are simple offenses (section 3 of the Chapter one). In the other words, any crime that is less serious than felony and misdemeanour is classified as simple offense. If I should ask you, if you are to commit an offense, which one among the three types of offenses will you like to find yourself in? I know you will like to choose simple offense so that your punishment will be less. Any person who fall victim of simple offense always thanks his God as his punishment is not much when compared with that of misdemeanour and Felony. When someone intended to commit a simple offense, but did not accomplish his intentions, he is said to attempt to commit the crime.


All citizens of every nation should try to ‘run away’ from any offense that is identified as felony or misdemeanour. The worst thing about felony is that it can ‘eat the head’ of the offender. Even if by mistake, you get involved in a crime, let it be simple offense. No man can boast that he is off from offense, you can even offend someone through conversation for only God cannot make mistake.

Finally, three classifications of offenses were discussed in the write-up. Among these classifications are felony, misdemeanour and simple offenses. The punishments that await the offender that get involved in any of these types were also given. In most cases, the punishments for all the classes of offense are stated in the Constitutional Law of every country.

The Payout Chronicles: girly_girl09’s Hubs continue to earn while she studies

Girly_Girl09 joined HubPages only 9 months ago, but she recently announced in the Forums that, despite having published the majority of her Hubs earlier when she had free time, she continues to earn about $200 per month even though she has shifted her attention to her studies. She took some time out of her busy schedule, though, to answer some of my questions and offer some very valuable advice to those Hubbers who are looking to earn money from their Hubs.

1. A consistent $200 or so per month on 136 Hubs written over 9 months is not too shabby! How does this compare to your earnings expectations when you started at HubPages?

It’s really exciting and unexpected! I am honestly astounded to be earning money every month in the form of a residual income. There was a period of 3-4 months last year where I unfortunately didn’t have a lot of time to play on HubPages, yet my earnings would still appear in my bank account near the end of every month. That, in itself, was a huge inspiration for me to continue to write as much as I can, when I have the time!

2. You mentioned doing some SEO research. What are some top-level suggestions you learned that ended up working for you?

If you research it, write about it and “SEO” it, they will come.

1.) SEO research is key. You really need to understand the basic concepts and work from there. HP was my first attempt at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so I had a lot of learning to do. Search engine traffic is where 99% of your income will come from; it’s crucial. The good news is – you don’t need to spend a fortune learning SEO! There is a plethora of free and helpful information out there. I read countless blogs and hubs on SEO and of course ask lots of questions on the forums. While we have a wonderful community of eagerly helpful hubbers, I do recommend learning the basics for yourself, this way, you can grasp the general concepts and individually apply them to your individual hubs and marketing needs.

2.) Keyword research is very important! I suspect that if you conjure up a topic that is of interest to you, other people will be searching for information on it. However, the way you word your title and article content may not be written as it should be for SEO. This is why you really need to research which keywords you are using. I occasionally publish portions of my papers that I’ve used for class assignments and re-write them so they contain keywords that have earning potential and viable traffic. You can take almost any topic and find relevant keywords that can, in turn, earn you money.

3.) Write about what you know or can take the time to research. In my opinion, there is nothing worse (or boring!) than writing about topics simply because they are profitable. It’s one thing to do the research and write a great article, but I find it silly that people write about topics such as weight loss or mesothelioma, without even knowing what they’re talking about. Trust me, you can find a profitable topic, no matter your interests. Google ranks hubs based on many factors, one of them has to do with how much time a reader stays on your page. The longer and more helpful your article is, the better you’ll rank with search engines.

I have some further advice in my hub Increase Google Adsense Revenue. It was written for hubbers that already have great hubs already published, but just need to tweak them a bit for SEO purposes.

3. Glancing at your Hubs, I see a wide range of informational Hubs, mostly about products as diverse as flavored popcorn and pink shower curtains. They seem to be niche products that you know quite well. How do you determine what products to review in your Hubs?

In order for me to write a hub, I choose topics that I either know well, or can research and present effectively for readers. 9 times out of 10, the topics I choose are profitable because I write to earn money. I do choose really random topics or products, but I have a “rule” that I have to be interested in what I write about.

4. Most Hubbers’ earnings seems to follow the 80:20 rule (20% of their Hubs generate 80% of the revenue). Has that been the case for you? What have you learned about which Hubs attract traffic and generate earnings for you (or is there no pattern)?

I would say that 20% is about accurate, however I’m finding that with fine-tuning my keyword research skills, I can guarantee that I’ll eventually earn from each new hub I write. One or two of my first 35-50 hubs do have some exciting earners (by chance!) but a lot of them have only earned a dollar or so and I don’t expect much more than that.

5. In the same forum thread, you mentioned learning about entrepreneurship from your family. How does HubPages figure into your other extracurricular entrepreneurial activities?

HubPages gave me the courage to purchase my own domain and start up a new site; the revenue model will be based on Adsense. HP is a phenomenal place to research what topics work and expand from there. If you write a really successful hub and are earning a lot from it, then it may just be a topic that you can expand to a niche website. Not to mention, I have a few PR (Page Rank) 3 hubs that I can directly link to my new site to give it a search engine boost. While I still have massive amounts of work to make my new domain profitable, it is a small piece of internet “real estate” that I’m proud to own.

Thus far, I’ve found that it is much easier to earn money from HubPages then on my own domain. HubPages is still my preferred method of earning income online. I don’t have to worry about coding or server issues!

6. Tell us about your career in politics and your future career in law. Sounds intriguing!

I worked in politics for about five years. It started off with volunteering on a gubernatorial race which led to a position on that campaign. Shortly thereafter, I was hired as Projects Director for a political party in my state. I loved my job, the unique experiences I endeavored and the fantastic people, candidates and legislators that I had the pleasure of working with. There were daily challenges with many solutions and something exciting or shocking was always happening. In 2008, I naturally transitioned over to a presidential campaign. It was the best time of my life – thus far! It was a 24/7, demanding job, with my phone constantly going off at random hours. To sum it up in as few words as possible: copious amounts of Red Bull, traveling, hotels, car mileage, conference calls and Excel spreadsheets! I dealt mainly with election law procedures and logistics of campaign staff and volunteers on Election Day and the three days leading up to it (aka 72 Hour). Campaigns are actually built backwards from Election Day, so the whole experience was fast-paced all year long, not just in November. The project was where I solidified my desire to eventually attend law school. I was inspired by the ethics and professionalism of the attorneys that I worked with.

Presently, I’m pursuing an undergraduate degree in legal studies. I understandably have a huge passion for election law, but that is not something I can really make a career out of. My other interests include copyright & intellectual property, criminal law and legislative law. I’m quite certain I won’t know exactly what I want to practice until my last year or so of law school. Until then, I enjoy learning about a wide array of legal topics. While I honestly miss the 60, 80, 100 or 120 hour work weeks (depending on the “political season”), I now enjoy being a full-time student and pursuing new goals outside of the political realm. It’s great to be in classes where your professors actually want you to argue with them. What could be more fun than that?

7. Finally, you are noted for your contributions on the site in the form of comments on others’ Hubs and forum posts greeting and helping new Hubbers. How has interaction with other Hubbers contributed to your overall HubPages experience?

If there wasn’t a community on HubPages, I most likely would not be an active member of the website. Upon joining, the HubPages forum encouraged me to learn about SEO and alerted me to the fact that it was indeed possible to earn money on HubPages. I don’t have as much time to spend on the forums as I’d like, but I always try to give a helping hand where possible.

I’d also like to give a few shout-outs to some hubbers that have always been really helpful and have enriched my experiences on HubPages and expanded my knowledge of online writing for profit. Just to name a few – in no particular order! Nelle Hoxie, Misha, Darkside, Eric Graudins, Relache, Whitney05, Mark Knowles, Sunforged. Thanks everyone for making my HubPages experience a fantastic (and profitable) one!

Criminal Record Background Check Free Important Tip

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Most investigation companies can provide a state&wshyp;wide search engine to the employers. This ensures there is no criminal record history registered amid the area court. The courts must maintain manuals containing the criminal records information of all the criminals in that state.

They also have the capacity to get fast background check of firearms owners and would be buyers. The Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) has also aided the crime agency to track down lists of civil submissions investing in a uppermost of 47 million references.

The problem amidst the system, is that all of such final dispositions are recorded in different state agencies and additonally all the information could be contained in the person’s total record, how is too often found is that the agency responsible for the disposition does not forward the guidelines to the vital record keeping location, in multiple cases the hall of enters of the city or town.

Don’t forget that if this article hasn’t provided you with exact criminal record background check information, you can use any of the main search engines on the Internet, like, to find the exact criminal record background check information you need.

As a licensed attorney, I have used up similar legal remedies to assist customers with erasing or hiding less significant criminal records. What has carried on amazing to me is the difference it has drew up in the lives. For example, I hold seen military occupations blossom, professional licenses granted and overseas employment gained all because I was able to help tidy up narrower criminal blemishes in the lives of otherwise upstanding and law-abiding citizens.

Here again, having a competent lawyer may help sway the court to giving you the benefit of the reservation in a close call. Further, it never hurts if your attorney occurs to be politically connected.

If you are dating a new guy, or want to know who your neighborhood residents actually are, or checking up on your child’s daycare provider, the best option you may want to take to get the tips you need is to search the criminal background of these people.

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Dallas Criminal Attorney Related Roadmap

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The criminal defense attorney will have many duties. One of the most important will be to negotiate and possibly obtain a lesser sentence for you. They will also be non partial and let you know what will likely happen through the criminal process. If you are innocent they will be relentless in gathering information to support your claim.

Your lawyer will also help prepare your favorable witnesses for court. You want your witnesses to come off as credible and reliable. He or she will also prepare you for your testimony. Work with your criminal defense attorney to make your story clear and compelling.

Criminal defense advice is counseling given by criminal defense lawyers or attorneys that help resolve legal issues. Criminal defense advisors are experts in criminal law who will be able to provide thorough and competent legal representation to the accused. They provide services to the accused in every stage, from arrest to trial and to appeal. Criminal defense advisors will also be able to explain weak points to the prosecutor concerning the case after studying it thoroughly and reviewing the facts. They will also provide information on the probability of success and the requirements needed to fight the case. They will be able to provide all the information on criminal justice procedure in every single stage of the case. They will also be able to explain in detail the rights and possible legal consequences of different criminal behavior. The criminal defense lawyer will teach what the accused can do in certain cases.

As detailed as this article is, don’t forget that you can find more information about dallas criminal attorney or any such information from any of the search engines out there. Commit yourself to finding specific information therein about dallas criminal attorney and you will.

One of the first rules is to make sure you have a good relationship with the attorney. If you do not get along with him or her then, in reality, you are really hurting your chances of success. Attorneys are paid to help you, but just as they need to earn your trust you also have to earn theirs. Be up front with them and always honest as this will cause you less heartbreak in the long run.

For instance, if a criminal attorney knows his client is guilty, then he is, in fact, helping that client to get off Scott free for a crime he committed against society. If a District Attorney is processing cases or asking for plea deals in cases he believes the defendant is innocent or later finds out the defendant is innocent yet continues the process, then, in fact, he is guilt of a crime and violating the public trust? Well, the District Attorney probably does it for conviction ration numbers incase he wants to run for the higher office later and the Criminal Defense Attorney, well they do it for the money. However, who is worse, they are both manipulating the system, one serves the interests of his guilty client in this case and the other is supposedly serving the people. Yet, why do we allow either of these situations at all?

A good criminal attorney will represent the accused to the best of his or her ability. They can negotiate with prosecutors, and arrange for reduced charges or lesser sentencing. People who have been recently arrested need to talk to a criminal attorney as soon as possible. Typically, a criminal lawyer’s most urgent priority is to help arrange for the release of his defendant.

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Criminal Attorney Washington Assistive Article

You see, we should be very thankful that we are born in this modern generation because of the existence of the Internet. With the Internet, every information (whether about criminal attorney Washington or any other such as criminal domestic violence, Connecticut attorneys, criminal police or even criminal dui) can be found with ease on the Internet, with great articles like this.

It is always better to hire the services of criminal attorney or a legal firm that has been certified in criminal law by The Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Such certifications speak volumes about the standing of the attorney or the legal firm you are investigating. It is also prudent to consult any of your friends who may have hired the services of criminal attorneys previously. The best thing perhaps is to get a referral from the criminal attorney you are going to hire. The referral may be able to give you a fair idea about the capabilities of an attorney.

Next, he will know the prosecutors and the Judges for the state. He should be able to tell you ahead of time what kind of plea bargain to expect and whether the Judge is the sort who makes people out on their sentences. This will give you a good idea about whether you should settle early on or press ahead for a jury trial.

It is important to call an attorney at the first available moment after you have been arrested. There is a time lapse between when the arrest occurs and when the formal charges are placed. If the attorney works fast, those charges may never be recorded, and you will be free to go. Nevertheless, that requires quick thinking, a great knowledge of the judicial system and a top attorney.

Don’t forget that if this article hasn’t provided you with exact criminal attorney Washington information, you can use any of the main search engines on the Internet, to find the exact criminal attorney Washington information you need.

Secondly, make sure both parties know what to expect. Before choosing an attorney make sure, they know where you stand and ask them what they can do for you. This way you will have no grey areas when it comes to your criminal case.

Have you ever considered the sorry state of our court system? Have you ever considered that indeed we have tons of criminals who are above the law, yet supposed to be supporting it? Consider if you will; who is Worse Criminal Defense Attorneys or District Attorneys?

Whatever the situation, the criminal attorney’s duty is to fight for you because they believe you are innocent. He plays a very important role in helping you out of any critical situation. A person accused of a crime, could face jail time, or even worse, prison. If ever faced with such a thing, it is important to promptly secure a reliable criminal lawyer.

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What People Can Learn From a Criminal Defense Attorney Blog

A criminal defense attorney blog is a great source of information for the layman. There is much about the legal world that is alien to the majority of the populace. Often, this can lead to an improper handling of defense cases in court.

No one wants to get arrested. Cultural and spiritual values brand those accused of committing criminal offenses as dangerous social deviants. Associations with such people are discouraged and even condemned. For fear of social incrimination, if not for inborn humanity, most rational beings would not even think of breaking the law.

But then there are those who are not even aware that they are breaking the law. Teenagers vandalizing a public school wall usually have no idea they are actually committing a federal offense, for example. A criminal defense attorney blog can enlighten everyone on the essential facts that people need to know about the constitution and their individual rights. It may also serve as a resource for informative news concerning the legal field.

If the criminal attorney who authors the blog provides insightful content, it is safe to say that he and his law firm can be depended on for legal assistance should the time arise. No one wants to get arrested, but it is good to have some insurance as protection from unfortunate circumstances. A reader who follows a defense law blog and actively engages with it is most likely to turn to the author for help should he find himself having a run in with the law.

Article Source:

Criminal Characteristics and Criminal Law – Is Anti-Social Behavior Proof Enough For a Jury?

Prosecutors spend a whole lot of time trying to convince the jury that the character and profile of the defendant fits the psychological personality traits of a criminal. And yet, in reality we could probably smear anyone’s good name by picking and choosing which characteristics we chose to highlight. Take the time tested psychological aspect of “anti-social” behavior for instance?

Today, you could call anyone that would prefer to play video games, use social media, or post on their blog instead of going outside to play Frisbee with the neighbor kids; Anti-Social. And really when it comes to teenagers these days, well, that’s just about everyone. The small minority of other kids would be studying their butts off due to their parents making it so; for instance in the case of an Asian Family, which are generally very into educational aspects of their kids. Does this appearance of anti-social behavior make anyone a bad person; obviously not.

Just because someone has antisocial behavior now and again does not mean that they are criminal, and yet, this psychological profile is used by all the prosecutors to put people in jail or prison for crimes. In a way what we are doing is we are telling everybody that they must be social at all times otherwise they will be feared by society, they will stand out, and they might be tried for a crime they did not commit.

Many people have antisocial behavior from time to time. Sometimes people just like to get out, and be alone. There is actually nothing wrong with that and it is quite healthy behavior. Please consider all this, it is something that criminal lawyers, and criminal psychologists often overlook.

Article Source:

Meeting My Grandchildren for the First Time

When my sister told me to get dressed up nice for dinner, I thought she was joking. This was just not something that the two of us did, or at least hardly ever. But, I did as she asked, and I just hoped that she was taking me somewhere really fancy. I went to the website of a new restaurant in town, thinking that may have been the one she wanted to go to. I didn’t get my hopes up, just in case. I was ready when she knocked on my door, but it was not her.

It was a chauffeur, and his beautiful stretch limo was behind him. To say I was confused would be an understatement. I had no idea what was going on, but I was also very intrigued. I wanted to know what my sister had planned, and it did not take me long to find out. Continue reading →